iGreet 2LPro | Auto Answer Music On Hold system (one time purchase)



Music On Hold device with Auto Answer and Greeting functions
Call greeter, auto answer, auto attendant, call catcher, call announcer
Pre-loaded USB stick w over 20 greeting and music on hold files
Works on up to 2 Lines on as many phones

iGreet 2LPro (2-lines)/ iGreet 4LPro (4-lines)

• 2-Line or 4-Line music on hold
• USB flash Drive & SD slot
• Flash then hold activation
• Auto Answer / receptionists functions


Audio On-Hold
Built-in speaker
USB /SD slots
Holiday On-Hold
Customization software
Wall Mountable
USB flash drive included
Flash then Hold activation

SD card slot
program button
Auto Answer
Auto Attendant

Telemarketer calls zapping

Programmable Ring select
Ring re-start
IN or OUT button
Day and Night modes

Loop -restart
Visual caller reminder
Audible caller reminder
Day mode Auto
Built-in timer
Wireless speaker support
Bluetooth transmitter
Bluetooth speaker
PA system support
PBX phones supported

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Auto Answer on hold system for pbx or regular 2-line or 4-line phones


iGreet 2LPro

Ultimate series

     Music/Message On-Hold with Auto Answer function


     USB flash drive and SD card slot

     Holiday On-Hold


    Customization software

    Wall Mountable

    Flash then Hold activation

The new  Auto Answer  iGreet 2LPro is more than just a music /message on Hold device.   When phone rings – relax – now the “Auto Answer” function can take

the call and give the caller a Greeting 1st then take the caller to a professional “thank you for holding ….loop” until you can handle the call.


This is the best image you can provide for your customers while eliminating the ringing stress or the need to interrupt current caller or place them on Hold.

This way the device answer any ringing line and takes the call to “music/message on hold” until you are able to handle the call. This should not be be mistaken

with voice mail function / auto attendant function built-in to some telephones where calls are answered but not managed or kept on hold.


What is the difference? other machines answer then ring an extension or immediately take a message, they can not “hold the call” for you, in contrast

iGreet machine does not take a message but Greets and then moves the call to a pleasant “music on hold environment”- just like you would.


Studies show:  most callers do not like to leave a message when calling but they do not mind staying on hold a few minutes longer to be connected to a live representative!

and that is the key difference   –    calls and rings are managed    – reminder rings or announcements are played from iGreet itself or from connected speakers or

bluetooth wireless speakers in a pleasant controllable setting without stress until all calls are answered.


Easy programming   – like set the number of rings to answer the calls from 1 to 6 rings, plus many more


Easy Out of office  by turning the “Auto Answer” OFF  via simple IN/OUT button – messages can be placed into your answering machine or voice mail when you

are not in office,  There is also the smart mode which lets you just program your office hours to fully automate your office reception hours.


Immediate Transfer  once the calls are picked up by you, the device transfers the calls to your telephone and you can place them back on hold with

music/message if needed  – there is no delay even if  device  just took the call!


Auto start  from beginning feature allows your greeting be played first every time a call is answered. A greeting example could be :


Thank you for calling ABC company…your call is very important to us …please hold-on for the next available representative! followed by the on-hold loop with music and messages.


Benefits of Auto Answer function:

The “Auto Answer” is like an extra hand or secretary a “Call Manager” to remove the ringing stress brought on when lines are ringing, By allowing the

device to answer the calls at a pre specified number of rings or at specific lines, you provide a means to handle the overflow calls more efficiently.


Another benefit of “Auto Answer” is the good image it projects upon your company, since the customers have already heard a greeting in a professional

male or female voice   (or your own custom .mp3 message if you have loaded one into the USB flash drive)   , then upon answering the line you can simply answer

with your name instead of a long introduction. The introduction was already provided in the greeting while holding!

  • Auto Answer/ Greeter Music and messages On Hold for all multi-line PBX phones or all Regular 1-4 Line Telephones, compact – not bulky, not heavy & easy to
  • install with both telephone jacks and RCA jack connector | “all-in-one” Greeter + Music On Hold system | works with all 2 line or 4 line corded or cordless phones
  • or all multi-line PBX key system phones
  • Superior sound quality | Auto Start -auto play after power loss | 1 click IN/OUT switch so convenient! | Built-in Timer | Day /Night Mode | Telemarketer Zap
  • function | 1 to 6 Rings select |  Call Sequencer | Visual caller reminder | Audible customizable caller reminder | External wired and wireless
  • Bluetooth speakers | PA system support| Reminder Volume Control | Smart Office Hours mode | Auto Answer ON-OFF switch | fully programmable
  • Activates via Flash button then Hold on any regular 1-4 line telephones,  Activates via Hold on any PBX on all lines
  • Preloaded USB Flash drive with over 20 mp3 files included, Plug and Play Greetings & thank you for holding messages royalty free| Built-in speaker –
  • Monitor the on hold audio or the caller reminder announcements | Place on a shelf or easily mount to any surface via built-in wall mount included
  • 2 year parts & labor warranty, includes – Free audio music editor & recorder software for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac, 128MGB USB Flash drive
  • preloaded with hours of royalty-free music, 2 phone cords, wall mount screws, power adapter 110 / 220 VAC – 5VDC @2000mA and manual


Product Description


The Auto Answer iGreet 2LPro is more than just a music /message on Hold device, it is a call catcher, Greeter, Auto Attendant, Auto Answer, receptionist for your office.

It manages your calls for up to Two callers with Greeting and On Hold playback.

“Studies show most callers do not like to leave a message but do not mind staying on hold a few minutes longer to be connected to a live representative!” – iGreet

machine greets then moves the calls to a pleasant “music on hold environment”- just like you would, removing the ringing stress brought on when lines are

ringing, it will then tell you periodically which line to take with a pleasant female voice which you can change/customize or select a ring instead.

Simple activation After greeting on regular phones press Flash then Hold, it also works via Hold on many compatible phones, for PBX just press Hold.

Simple to install just connect to one corded phone or cordless base and all phones and extensions work, for PBX just connect to MOH jack and 4 lines

Simple to update just copy/paste any mp3 file to the USB flash drive/SD card

Customize-able easy software for quick customized on-hold audio via your PC

High capacity High quality audio &1000+ hours of playback time (via optional 8GB USB Flash drive)

Sleek and compact ABS plastic enclosure w/wall mount built to perform in the toughest environments

Built-in speaker- monitor the on-hold audio or the reminder rings
Pre-loaded USB flash drive w/20+ mp3 fully licensed files, SD slot provided
PBX or regular 1-4 line telephones supported
No moving parts – 100% digital
Wall Mountable
LED status lights
Multi-track capable
Customization software
Auto-start after a power loss
Audio cords & AC adapter (110V-240V) included
Holiday On-Hold, Program button,Telemarketer Zap, IN/OUT button
Day /Night modes, Visual/Audible reminder plus more…



Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in

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