Call Handler Pro | Auto Answer Music On Hold system (one time purchase)


Advanced Call Handling device with Music On Hold

Digital Receptionist, Auto Answer,  Call Queuing, Call greeter

Auto Attendant, call catcher, call announcer
Pre-loaded USB stick w over 20 greeting and music on hold files
Works on PBX or regular phones up to 4 Lines on as many phones


2 Years warranty
1 Free custom Greeting included

MSRP  $3800 4 lines



Select number of lines * 

Queuing makes it much easier to handle multiple calls on a “1st call 1st serve basis”

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Auto Answer digital receptionist with professional music and messages on hold recordings

for any phone system  ( Supports VOIP lines not VOIP phones)


Call Handler Pro (CHP) is a new form of auto attendant specifically designed for managing businesses incoming calls to make the process very simple and smooth.


There are no such things as the confusing press 1 for this, press 2 for that …  callers are simply greeted  and taken to a queue waiting their turn ( with customized recordings)

to be connected to a live rep, rings are gone and the device does everything including telling you which line to take with a pleasant female voice –


The AI feature automatically takes care of  your hours and days of operation


This call catcher automatically places a call on hold when you are on the other line without you having to manually pick up the other calls

and place them on hold!  then it talks to you in female human voice ( or male voice ) telling you which lines you need to take



Do you have a business or service with frequent callers?

Restaurants Phone order taking, Pizza Phone order taking, Animal Hospitals,

Travel Agencies, Beauty Salons, Doctor offices, Health care, Apartment complexes, Automotive Repair …



   Introducing the new .

Call Handler Pro™ 


Call Handler Pro™ can answer your incoming calls when you are busy & keep your callers on

Hold until the next available employee can handle the calls (callers are 1st greeted & hear music

and messages while on hold – device announces lines you need to take every 15 seconds)


In addition to Call handling this device has Call Queuing which allows the calls to be

placed in a “queue”  in the order they are received ( device announces next call you need to take one call at a time) 


Call Queue is like  a “virtual waiting room” allowing  your callers to  remain on the phone

waiting their turn for a representative to answer.

This will help your businesses to manage larger  call volumes with limited staff.

Use Music on hold & specialty messages and information about your business to enhance their experience



The new  Call Handler Pro is more than just a music /message on Hold device.   When phone rings – relax – now the optional  “Auto Answer” function can

take the call and give the caller a Greeting 1st then take the caller to a professional “thank you for holding ….loop” until you can handle the call.


This is the best image you can provide for your customers while eliminating the ringing stress or the need to interrupt current caller to place them on Hold.

This way the device answers any ringing line and takes the call to “music/message on hold” until you are able to handle the call. This should not be

be mistaken with voice mail function / auto attendant function built-in to some telephones where calls are answered but not managed or kept on hold.


Studies show:  most callers do not like to leave a message when calling but

they do not mind staying on hold a few minutes longer to be connected to a live representative!     


Provide a Great Call Experience:


• Show callers you will be right with them and you care


• Allow callers to wait to place their orders  with someone instead  of  leaving a voicemail or hear a busy tone


•Treat callers to customized promotional messages (such as your UPSELL in 1st 10 seconds before the phone rings)

and/or  helpful information or hold music while they wait



  • Auto Attendant virtual receptionist auto answer music on hold system for pbx or regular 2-line or 4-line phones


Call Handling & Call Queuing are Good for Your Business


• Boost Caller Satisfaction callers prefer a phone queuing system and a live person over busy signals or voicemail.
A missed call could be a lost customer or lost order. Our call queuing service provides a simple way to handle your calls
when no one is immediately available or can be interrupted from another call. You can personalize messages for callers to hear
while they wait to let them know their call is important and that someone will be with them shortly…


• Keep Your Customers Engaged
Customize the music & messages on hold callers hear while they wait in the queue. Provide soothing or energizing music to put customers
in a more positive mindset and reassure them that their call won’t be ignored. You can also replace the music on hold with marketing messages
and introduce special offers to customers before you speak directly with them.


• Strengthen Your Brand
The hold time is a captive time,  use customizable hold messages to offer valuable information about your company to current and prospective customers.
Provide  updates about new products & services, any promotions or upcoming events.

You can even provide quick answers to common customer questions,
such as hours of operation or directions, or redirect callers to your site for more information.


• Telemarketer Zap function
The interface box helps removing the unwanted telemarketer calls by sending a signal directly to the caller line


.Auto Attendant virtual receptionist auto answer music on hold system for pbx or regular 2-line or 4-line phones Auto Attendant virtual receptionist auto answer music on hold system for pbx or regular 2-line or 4-line phones


No hidden fees


No per minutes charges


No Lines transfer or forwarding


keep your existing numbers

No Local Company number to get

No Toll Free Number to get

No Number porting needed


2 Years Warranty


Free Custom Greeting: you will receive an email for a Free custom Greeting ($99 value) after your order is completed.


Try  it risk free: if you are not satisfied simply return the system within 30 days for a full refund


Music On Hold System: How to provide Music & Messages on Hold for regular 1 to 4 lines phones?


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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in