Digital on-Hold devices

“All-In-One” music-on-hold devices for regular 1-4 line phones  (corded or cordless 1 line, 2 line or  4 line phones without a main box)
and pbx/ KSU key phone systems  (phone systems with built-in  “MOH” audio input)


  • iHold 2LP / iHold 4LP

    Music On Hold for analog phones
    Pre-loaded USB stick w 50+ files
    Activates via Hold button or flash then hold on any phone
    Available in 2 line or 4 line versions

    Sale price: $350.00 $195.00

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  • iGreet 2LPro / iGreet 4LPro

    Music On Hold device with Auto Answer and Greeting functions
    Call greeter, auto answer, auto attendant, call catcher, call announcer
    Pre-loaded USB stick w over 70 greeting and music on hold files
    Available in 2 line or 4 line versions
    6 month payment options as low as $88/mo

    Sale price: $800.00 $499.00

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