Auto attendant

New  Auto Attendant for small or mid size Business



Compare the benefits of an “in house” equipment over other service providers:

        Only $499 one time purchase

          No service provider hidden charges (per minute charges, overages, toll free charges, limits, taxes, etc.)

              No changes to your existing phone numbers or existing telephones!
              No need to subscribe to another 800 number, you use your own numbers
              Full independent control by your business with your phone company , not relying on a remote server
              Highly reliable – not dependent by service provider lines or server issues or internet down lines
              100% guaranteed no calls are missed (unlike remote service providers)
              VOIP lines (all providers)  compatible
              No monthly fees, No commitment, you own the equipment
              Up to 4 lines supported on the 4 line version
              Works with as many telephones as you have
              Supports any phone system PBX/ KSU phones or your regular 1-4 line phones
              Easily connects to one telephone but works on all the phones
              Customize your own greetings & On Hold music and messages with a simple copy/paste via USB


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