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  • Call Greeter Plus configuration

    Configure your call Greeter Plus device
    Starting at just $5/mo
    10 days Free trial

    Sale: $7.50 $5.00

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  • EZ Voice Over 20 Sec

    Professional Voice over of your text

    Sale: $50.00 $45.00

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  • Call Greeter Plus

    Music On Hold with Auto Answer and Greeting options
    Works on any telephone system PBX or regular 1 - 4 line phones
    Configure it for just the features you need as low as $5.00 /mo
    No contract, No commitment , Pay as you Go

    Sale: $50.00 $0.00

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  • iHold P

    MOH player for PBX / KSU phones
    Pre-loaded USB stick w 50+ files

    Sale: $250.00 $99.18

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  • iHold Plus

    MOH player for PBX /KSU phones
    Pre-loaded USB stick w 50+ files
    Pre-loaded SD card w 20+ files (for EZ Voice Over)
    Supports EZ Voice Over mode

    Sale: $299.00 $166.96

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  • iHold 2LP / iHold 4LP

    MoH player for 2-Line / 4-Line phones
    Pre-loaded USB stick w 50+ files
    Flash then Hold activation

    Sale: $350.00 $185.00

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  • Full Custom Message Production

    Professional Custom Production
    Expert written custom script
    Female/Male voice over and back ground music
    (On-Hold dealers: please contact us to be included in our list)

    Sale: $699.00 $499.00

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  • iGreet 2LPro / iGreet 4LPro

    MOH player and greeter for 2-Line /4-Line or PBX / KSU phones
    Call greeter, auto answer, auto attendant, call catcher, call announcer
    Music On Hold, Day /Night mode, In/out, Telemarketer Zap
    Pre-loaded USB stick w over 20 greeting and music on hold files

    Sale: $800.00 $499.00

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